Mraane ayns Arrane

“The Song of the Women’s Institute”, written by Kathleen Faragher and set to the music of C. H. Parry, sung by the Isle of Man Women’s Institute Choir, Mraane ayns Arrane (“Women in Song”).

The poem by Kathleen Faragher was written specifically to be sung to C. H. Parry’s well-known tune, as a song for the Maughold W.I. It was sang by the at the conclusion of the Maughold W.I. meetings for nearly half a century, until their closure in around the year 2000. The poem was published in Kathleen Faragher’s 1959 book, ‘Where Curlews Call.’

This performance of the song appears on the CD, ‘Mraane ayns Arrane‘, released in November 2015. The CD of 16 songs is available at only £10 in various shops across the Isle of Man. Alternatively, a copy can be obtained by contacting Diane Durber on: