William Gell

”Mr Gell, who is patriotic to the backbone, has done his best to create a Manx national sentiment, and to enrich the Insular store of literature.” [Mona’s Herald]

Born and raised in Onchan, William Gell’s poetry was almost entirely written about the Isle of Man; its attractions, people and history.

His first book of poetry was Glen Helen and Other Poems, published in 1904, followed by Douglas: A Reminiscence in 1905. In 1906 he published Mannin Veg Veen, an impressive book-length poem offering a tour around the Isle of Man. He moved on to focus on individuals in The Hero King: An Epic Poem on the Life and Work of Sir William Hillary in 1907, and The Patriot-Poet, or the Life and Times of the Rev. T. E. Brown the year after. His final works were not published until ten years later when in 1918 both Duke Street and Market, Douglas: Present and Reminiscent and When Mann was Un-manned appeared.

Works by William Gell