Norma Lorimer

“The Manx person who has not read these books has really missed something.” [P. W. Caine]

One of the most notable early female novelists of the Isle of Man, Norma Lorimer marked her place in Manx literature thanks to her novels Mirry-Ann and The Pagan Woman.

Born in Auchterarder in Perthshire, Scotland, in 1864, Norma Octavia Lorimer was raised in the South of the Isle of Man, attending Castletown High School and living at Ballasherlodge, Colby. It was to this period of her life that she returned to in her fiction, showing clearly that she had “lost her heart” to the South of the Island.

During her long life, living to 1948 and the age of 84, she wrote a number of other books, including A Wife Out of Egypt, On Etna, Josiah’s Wife and By the Waters of Carthage, but it is for her Manx novels that she is understandably best remembered on the Island. The grand sweep of emotions in her Manx novels offers a fresh colouring to the history and scenery of the South of the Island whilst demonstrating the variance and colour to Manx novels.

Works by Norma Lorimer